The power of sport …

… there’s nothing better than a distraction from your business to keep you refreshed, revitalised and reinvigorated.

Whether it be a walk surrounded by nature, a trip to the beach, sitting in the audience of a musical performance or watching your favourite sports team these distractions are a very important part of the downtime you must take as an entrepreneur.

We have been so blessed with a choice recently with our nation’s sporting teams doing so well in the global sports arena – the Australian Cricket Teams, the Opals, the Matildas, the Boomers, the Swim Team and so on. There is a real surge in national pride at the moment as a result.

When an adequate amount of downtime is neglected, your mind and your real productivity cannot effectively develop. Efficient amounts of downtime or lack thereof affect the development of the mind and your ability to operate in the following ways:

  • It gives us a clear space to find our own identity and understand our various behavioural patterns.
  • Without conscious downtime, we stop our personal growth, insight, and creativity.
  • Without allowing our subconscious and unconscious mind to explore ideas or problems independent of our conscious intervention, we aren’t allowing ourselves a fresh perspective on productivity or creativity – a lot of my ideas come from gardening!
  • Quite simply put, boredom allows the imagination and the creative mind to explore the unfamiliar confidently.
  • Without allowing ourselves to do nothing or be ‘bored’, we increase our potential to develop mental health problems.

Yesterday, Carlton secured its place in the 2023 AFL Final Series – the first time in 10 years!

It is amazing how a game of football can cause so much excitement, unease and shift our attention and focus for a couple of hours where our business is erased from our minds, albeit briefly.

As a business owner, who watches their favourite team play at the end of the working week, I am able to relax and de-stress. This can help me come back to work at the start of the next week feeling refreshed and focused. I am also able to celebrate the team’s successes with our fellow Blues Team members and customers and build stronger relationships and create a more positive work environment.

The AFL final series will take on an extra special dimension this year as a result.

Go Blues!

Have a great day!

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