How A Business Coach Can Help You

Hello Chasers,

One of the biggest problems with being in business is that we don’t know everything.

If you reflect on most small businesses, you will notice that they have either been started from the skills of a good technician e.g., the plumber starts a plumbing business, the hairdresser starts a hair salon, the beautician starts a beaty therapy business, the lawyer starts a legal practice etc.

Or the business has been purchased from an existing business owner.

Quite often the skills required to run and manage the business don’t exist because there was no or limited training in those critical areas of a business.

Now, seeing that the footy finals are currently in full swing let’s consider the skills of the full forward. If he is to be successful at his craft he needs to have good technique – rehearsed mental preparation for lining up the approach, good ball drop, straight kicking action and follow through. If his kicking is wayward and his conversion is poor, he will spend time with a kicking coach to refine his technique and practise that new style until it is second nature to him.

Similarly, in business a good business coach will quickly identify the source of the problems encountered, offer suggestion and advice on how to overcome the obstacles and guild you through the process so that you are quickly back on track to achieving your dream.

A business coach helps set the objectives, determines the number of sessions needed to meet the goal, and charges a fee for the service. The relationship with a business coach is most often short term, and you could make use of several different coaches over the life of your business.

Business coaches, too, are must-haves for small business owners. But when many entrepreneurs see that fee, they cringe. The gut reaction might be to hunker down and solve the problem on your own, just like you’ve done for so many other areas of your business. But don’t worry about how you can’t afford to hire a business coach because the truth is in many cases, you can’t afford not to hire a business coach if you and your business are struggling for clarity. 

I have had several business coaches and a mentors over my journey of 34 years in business and have also completed several business development programs and coaching intensive programs. These have all translated to Ceebeks being a much better business than if I had not received that assistance and education and trying to figure it all out by myself. Furthermore, it has fast-tracked our vision for the business being achieved in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.

We have used our knowledge, experience and educational resources to build the best business coaching program in Southwest Victoria for those chasing the dream – Chasers Getting Results

Our business coaching program is specifically designed for those business owners who want to accelerate their success and is currently opening again for 10 new chasers. For more information check out Chasers Getting Results.

A good coach in sport, business and in life is essential if you want to achieve greater success.

Have a great day!

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