How to Control Your Tax Payments & Boost Cash Flow

Hello Chasers,

As a small business owner, you know that tax payments can cause cash flow crises and negatively impact your profitability. But what if you could take control of your tax liabilities and plan ahead to maintain a strong, consistent cash flow?

At our Tax Planning meetings, we offer effective strategies and solutions to help you assess your current position and plan for tax liabilities. Our focus is on legally paying the least amount of tax required, without any dodgy advice.

We offer hundreds of different strategies to choose from, ensuring that you can maintain or preserve cash flow while knowing exactly how much tax you’ll need to pay when your income tax returns are due.

To make things even easier, we recommend setting up a separate bank account to accumulate funds for tax payments. By putting aside a percentage of each sale as GST, you can quickly accumulate funds to pay your BAS. We also suggest building a custom formula for your business to cover estimated income tax liabilities, taking into account variables like staff numbers, net GST figures, and average tax rates.

At our Tax Planning meetings, we can help you develop a custom plan to ensure you always have most of your tax funds set aside when needed. By controlling your tax payments and maintaining a strong cash flow, you can avoid the fate of the 90% of small businesses that fail due to poor cash flow management.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Take control of your tax payments with effective tax planning strategies and secure the financial future of your business.

Have a great day!

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