How To Get More Done in 2024

Hello Chasers,

As we head into the new financial year and the third quarter of 2023, it’s time to shift our focus towards maximising productivity.

We all know that achieving high-impact results in minimal time is what truly matters in business. 

So, let’s change things and say goodbye to busy work that yields no long-term impact!

To help you optimise your daily performance, here are nine powerful habits to adopt:

  1. Clearly Define Your Priorities

Start each day by outlining your tasks, prioritising them, and evaluating whether they align with your goals. By identifying the most important actions, you can ensure your time is invested wisely.

  1. Embrace the 80/20 Rule

Concentrate your energy on the tasks that generate significant outcomes. Remember, 20% of your efforts contribute to 80% of the results. Focus on these key tasks to maximise your impact.

  1. Optimise Your Breaks

Plan regular breaks to fulfill personal needs and rejuvenate. Dedicate time to social

interactions, relaxation, and self-care. For example, I personally engage in invigorating gym sessions at Body Blitzer at 6:00 am each morning to maintain my well-being and sustain peak performance. Taking the occasional holiday or breaks from your routine can help you recharge and maintain focus, too.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Social media can be a notorious time sink. Disable app notifications and allocate specific times during your breaks to catch up if necessary. Begin your day with an audit of potential distractions and monitor instances where you get sidetracked. Identify your distractors, measure the time spent on each, and calculate the total time wasted.

  1. Set Timelines for Action

For major goals, establish clear timelines to avoid endless work. Regularly review and prioritise tasks, ensuring you stay on track and maintain sight of the finish line. Remember, progress trumps perfection. Delivering something and improving upon it is far more valuable than striving for perfection alone.

  1. Create a Productive Environment

Your surroundings significantly impact your productivity. Curate an environment that inspires and motivates you. Consider decorating your workspace, playing uplifting music, or incorporating items that foster creativity. Assess whether your current work environment enhances your productivity and make the necessary changes to Optimise it.

  1. Harness Time Pockets

Make the most of those small pockets of time between activities, such as waiting for appointments, commuting, or standing in queues. Instead of letting these moments slip

away, use them for productive purposes. Write articles while flying, jot down ideas in a notebook, listen to informational podcasts while walking or waiting, or meditate to clear your mind. Identify your own time pockets and devise strategies to maximise their potential.

  1. Leverage Technology

Take advantage of the automation tools available today. At last night’s EOFY Customer Appreciation Event, we presented a crash course on ChatGPT and how AI will revolutionise the way we do many things in our businesses in the future if we take the time to embrace it. Delegate repetitive tasks, such as email responses, social media posts, online product sales, bill payments, and invoice reminders. By automating these routine responsibilities, you free up valuable time to focus on more critical aspects of your work.

  1. Delegate and Outsource

Are you spending hours on menial tasks that detract from your core responsibilities?

Consider outsourcing such tasks to experts. Whether it’s bookkeeping, payroll, or invoicing, delegating to specialists ensures accuracy, efficiency, and timely completion. By freeing up your time, you can devote yourself to activities that drive business growth.

If you incorporate some or all of these nine habits into your daily routine, watch as your productivity soars to new heights. Stay focused, prioritise wisely, and embrace the power of efficiency.

Remember, success is achieved through impactful actions, not simply staying busy. Here’s to a productive and prosperous 2024.

Have a great day!

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