How to make your business stand out from the crowd

Competition in business is everywhere these days.

So much so, that has humans we have developed an art form of noticing others strengths and weaknesses and have created an unhealthy subconscious addiction to comparing ourselves.

The ideal gym body, the perfect skin, the amazing hairstyle that others seem to have, and so on …

All of these seemingly perfect attributes that others have.

And yet we struggle to be as generous about what ones we have.

In business today, sure we should notice what our competitors are doing but comparing ourselves or our work to someone’s else’s will rarely get you to where you want to go.

You need to free yourself of constant self-criticism and embrace what makes you, your team and your business different.

Whether as an individual or a brand—you can’t own your unique identity if you’re spending the majority of your time looking over your shoulder. 

Differentiation or standing out from the pack happens when we authentically amplify our best qualities. Not by imitating, copying or finding ways to be a version of the competition, but by discovering how to be more of who we are. That’s where our search for clarity needs to begin.

Differentiation is the way we create a point of difference – a real tangible advantage. 

Rather than aiming to be appeal to everyone, what we must do is intentionally craft, develop and and tell a story for people with a particular worldview that matches who we are.

Our tribe!

Work out how your particular niche wants to feel and deliver that experience to them every time they deal with you, your team and your business.

Don’t simply try to figure out how to be better than what already exists.

Remember, to stand out in the eyes of your ideal customers give them the feelings they crave.

You already know the type of businesses you love to visit because of the consistent way they greet you, deliver their service or product and the feelings that they generate in you.

What brand story can you create to deliver this?

Give us a call today on 5561 2643 if you need help working out what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

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