How Your Ideal Customers Will Find You

Hello Chasers,

During this second quarter of the 2023 year we have been focussing on the theme of ‘Creating Consistent Cashflow’ and part of the strategies for doing this is to create marketing material or content that will allow your prospects to find you when they are ‘googling’ those services or products you provide.

You have also learned about how to refine and target what you provide so that it is easier for them to search by using ‘keywords’. Those key words are what you need to continually use in your marketing content so that your SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking pushes you to the top of the list of businesses that provide what your prospective customers are looking for.

Now to find out what your keywords are that they are searching the internet for you can ask your ideal customers or do some market research with polls, questionnaires or surveys.

However, technology has caught up in this market research space too!

A couple of tools that we have used in the past that help you easily identify those keywords they are searching with are:

Both of these tools were the ‘Uber’ of keyword research and greatly assisted you getting better results with your lead generating content.

That was until ChatGPT and Bard and other AI tools exploded onto the scene!

Now using clever, well-constructed prompts you can not only find out the keywords used by your ideal customers but design an email campaign, landing page, offer and call to action all in a matter of minutes.

Your ideal customers will find you if you know how to design the process.

Let me know what you think and what results you are getting.

Have a great day!

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