If You Don’t Document and Implement a Process, Expect To Achieve Less!

Hello Chasers,

For those business owners ‘who don’t have time and so much to do’, you are not alone.

According to a 2023 article by Money the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 62.9% of small businesses don’t have any staff. This statistic may makes sense considering a lot of entrepreneurs feel it’s quite difficult to find the right, high-quality staff for their companies. As such, many decide to simply go solo. 

Another important reason is because they lack systems in their business that would allow them to employ someone else to do 80% of what they do to free up their time to actually grow the business.

There are six main reasons why business owners DON’T build systems:

  1. They don’t understand the importance of systems;
  2. They are currently lacking a vision of what is possible for their future;
  3. They suffer from the ‘no one can do it as good as I can syndrome’;
  4. They fear that it is going to take too much time to build them;
  5. They haven’t had the right tools to capture their systems & haven’t had a structure to follow;
  6. They haven’t been consistent and made a conscious decision to empower someone else and let go.

Which one of these six do you fall under?

If none, do you have a Team that can access all of your systems (depending on their level of authority) 24/7?

If you have a written down, documented set of processes in a manual on a shelf then it is time to bring your records into the 21st Century.

This quarter, our business theme is on ‘Simple Systems’.

Everything about how to overcome the 6 reasons above, shifting your mindset about what’s possible for you and your family, how to get what’s in your head out so that someone else can follow the process you have built and where to store them so that everyone can access them whenever required.

Just imagine a business that operates without you being there …

… what could you do with that time?

if you can climb a mountain on your own, it’s not a very big mountain’ – John Maxwell

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can quickly grow your business in 2024, please contact Shannae Hewett on 55612643.

Have a great day!

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