International Dog Day

Hello Chasers,

Yesterday we celebrated the day where all dog lovers honour their beloved pet dogs.

When I was young, we got our very first dog, a little Australian Terrier we called Louise, and he followed me around everywhere.

I can still recall the day we had to say goodbye to him and because of the heartbreak it caused we never got another dog.

However, when we started our own family we got our very first Golden Retriever – Winnie, one of the best dog breeds you can own when you have a young family. She was with us for 13 years and despite the heartbreak our family felt when we said goodbye to her, we taught our girls that this was part of the journey of life. And when you love someone so much, a part of you is never the same when they leave but is replaced with the wonderful memories shared and created together.

Our family has been blessed with Winnie, Charlie and Ollie over the years – all Goldies, and we currently have Frankie.

International Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 26 to honour all dogs, regardless of their breed, size, age, or background. The day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert. Paige chose August 26 as the date for International Dog Day because it was the day her family adopted their first dog, a Sheltie named Sheltie.

International Dog Day is a day to celebrate the many ways dogs enrich our lives. Dogs are our companions, our protectors, and our therapy animals. They provide us with love, companionship, and unconditional support. They also help us to stay active and healthy.

Our lives have certainly been enriched for having dogs in our lives.

If you have a dog in your lives you will most certainly know what I mean.

Have a great day, with your dog!

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