Is Your Website Optimised?

Hello Chasers,

This quarterly theme is optimising online and we’ll be focusing on tips, strategies and ways to make sure your business stands out from the competition, attracts quality leads and allows you to convert them into sales.

One of the marketing strategies that has always worked for us in generating new leads 24 hours per day, seven days per week is our website. We refresh it every three years to make sure it is built on best practice principles that are current.

Speaking of websites, let’s ask this question of yours:

How good is your website now? (Award yourself 1 point for each Yes answer)

  • Does your website look modern & professional?
  • Does your website collect leads every day?
  • Is your website responsive (looks great on any device)?
  • Is your website built on open-source software?
  • Are YOU (not the developer) able to add & change content?
  • Do you have more than one option for support?
  • Are you currently measuring your website performance? (traffic, keywords, conversion, time on site etc.)

If you did not score 7 points, your website needs some work to turn it into a lead generating money making machine for your business!

The fundamentals for a building a website that makes you money are:

  1. Built on open-source software and able to be edited easily by you or someone on your Team;
  2. Responsive on any mobile device;
  3. Navigation must be clear;
  4. Core offers – Fast track for those leads extremely interested & a Slow track for those who are a little bit interested.

You can quickly check how your website ranks against the best practice benchmarks by using SEOptimer to audit your website.

If your website needs a lot of work based on the audit results from SEOptimer or you simply want a refresh, we can help you build one that will help you stand out and attract more traffic.

We have a special arrangement with one of our business coaching services affiliates – Kody Thompson from LightningSites. Kody is a website expert and his business has built thousands of impressive sites, including ours and is willing to help our Chasers Tribe.

A modern and professional website that collects leads whilst you are sleeping should be a top marketing strategy priority for any business that is looking to grow.

Have a great day!

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