Keep Persisting the Rewards Will Come

Hello Chasers,

Earlier this year I took possession of my first Nuc (nucleus) hive as I embarked on my beekeeping hobby. I nurtured and cared for them and followed all the learnings taught by mentor, Anna Carrucan, in our beekeeping group Hive Buddy.

Prior to packing them down for Winter, they had good stores of food and were looking very strong for a new hive. During the colder months of Winter, the odd bee stuck its head outside whenever the temperature was a bit warmer, so I thought they were ok.

Upon doing my first hive inspection in July when the temperature allowed me to, I was shocked to discover that the hive was completely abandoned.

No dead bees, no eggs, larvae nothing.

The honeycomb was nearly all complete, there was capped honey still on some frames too.

I was at a loss to explain it and so was our Hive Buddy group – whilst unusual it does happen.

Anyway, I took all the frames and put them in a spare freezer and set out to do some maintenance on the hive by filling gaps and painting to extend the life of the boxes. I also contacted Edmonds Honey in Mt Duneed and ordered a new Nuc hive.

I took the hive and repositioned it in the location for the new hive in September and eagerly waited to be notified about the new hive.

Yesterday, I decided to tidy up around the Bee Room (the space I named for the hive location) and noticed a bee coming out of the entrance of the box. When I lifted the lid, to my surprise, I found that some new residents had moved in and started to build a hive under the lid.

Excitedly, I replaced the lid and came back inside and told Ange that we have new bees and got the frames out of the freezer in anticipation of moving the new hive into the hive proper complete with filled-out frames and honey.

Today, they were relocated and were so quiet and obviously hungry as they were more interested in feeding than worrying about me.

They will be given every opportunity to thrive in their new home.

What unfolded, reminded me of being in business. Just like marketing in business, you have to keep producing content, writing blogs, producing podcasts, making videos etc to get your message out because you just don’t know who it resonates with and who will show up at your business door in response.

You just have to keep persisting and refining your message and the rewards will eventually come.

Being prepared and ready to take on a new hive allowed me to take advantage of the opportunity of a new hive when they showed up!

Have a great day!

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