Keep Your Daily Huddles Productive

Hello Chasers,

Daily huddles, where you get to check in with your Team for 15 minutes each day (or in our case twice a day) are incredibly important as you grow your business and were part of the success journey for successful leaders such as John D Rockefeller and Steve Jobs.

The following tips have been proven to help you get the most out of your daily huddles:

  • Start the daily huddle on time every time, whether all the Team are present or not – the stragglers will soon get the message about punctuality. Set an odd time, like 8:08 or 16:16 can help too! People are more likely to be on time than if you schedule the meeting on the quarter-hour or half-hour.
  • Plan 1 minutes per person, our six-person team have six-minutes for the morning & after daily huddle and an additional 9 minutes to help on ‘stuck’ issues. 
  • If some people are remote workers, put everyone on a Zoom or Google Meet call. There’s nothing worse than having a few people huddled around a speaker phone every day.
  • Use daily huddles to keep projects between companies/suppliers/customers on time and on budget. We have been able to achieve 100% lodgements on time every year for the past 32 years because of our critical attention to timelines.
  • Team members should share a “stuck issue” even if they don’t think there’s anyone on the team who can help them resolve it. Raising and talking about the issue is likely to spur the unexpected action for help.
  • Anytime somebody goes two days without reporting a constraint, you can bet there’s a bigger problem lurking. So, challenge each other if they report, “Everything is fine!”
  • End on time, too – it’s equally important! Use a timer for the first few weeks and end the meeting on time even if the agenda isn’t complete. Team members will learn to get to the point and move on to the next item.

With a daily huddle set in motion and running smoothly, the productivity levels of both the Team and you as the leader will greatly improve and allow the business to grow much more effortlessly.

Reach out to our Team on 55612643 if you would like to implement this strategy into your business.

Have a great day!

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