Keeping Your Team Productive

Hello Chasers,

I recently attended my quarterly business conference in Sydney and was very impressed with the way many successful business owners were keeping their team members productive during their working days.

Here are some of the ideas that they were using in their businesses:

  1. Clear Communication: Ensure that goals, expectations, and tasks are clearly communicated to all team members. Regular updates and feedback sessions can help keep everyone on the same page.
  2. Goal Setting: Set clear and achievable goals for the team and individuals. Having specific targets to work towards can increase motivation and focus.
  3. Provide Resources: Make sure your team has the necessary tools, resources, and training to perform their tasks efficiently. Lack of resources can hinder productivity.
  4. Time Management: Encourage effective time management techniques, such as the Pomodoro technique, to help team members allocate their time wisely and avoid burnout.
  5. Flexible Work Environment: Allow for flexibility in work hours or remote work if possible. This can boost morale and accommodate different work styles.
  6. Recognise Achievements: Acknowledge and reward team members for their achievements and hard work. Positive reinforcement can motivate and boost morale.
  7. Collaboration and Teamwork: Promote a collaborative atmosphere where team members can share ideas, help each other, and work together on projects.
  8. Remove Roadblocks: Identify and address any obstacles or challenges that hinder productivity. This could involve providing additional training or removing unnecessary bureaucratic processes.
  9. Breaks and Wellness: Encourage regular breaks and a focus on physical and mental well-being. A healthy team is more likely to be productive.
  10. Regular Check-ins: Hold regular team meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and upcoming tasks. This allows for alignment and adjustments as needed.
  11. Empower Decision-Making: Give team members a certain level of autonomy and decision-making power. This can lead to increased ownership and accountability.
  12. Task Prioritisation: Teach the team how to prioritise tasks based on urgency and importance. This prevents them from getting overwhelmed by less critical tasks.
  13. Continuous Learning: Support ongoing learning and development opportunities for your team. This keeps skills up-to-date and fosters a culture of growth.
  14. Feedback Culture: Create an environment where open and constructive feedback is encouraged. This helps team members improve and adapt their approaches.
  15. Minimise Distractions: Identify and minimise distractions in the work environment. This might involve creating quiet zones or establishing guidelines for electronic device use.
  16. Use Productivity Tools: Leverage productivity tools and software to streamline workflows, manage tasks, and enhance collaboration.
  17. Delegate Wisely: Delegate tasks to team members according to their strengths and expertise. This improves efficiency and job satisfaction.
  18. Celebrate Milestones: Celebrate both small and big milestones as a team. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and reinforces a positive work culture.


How many of these ideas do you have in your business?

Is your team super-productive?

Remember that every team is unique, so it’s important to tailor these strategies to fit your team’s specific needs and dynamics. Regularly assess their effectiveness and make adjustments as necessary.

We have found that these ideas have kept our Team of seven (‘the sensational seven’ as dubbed by one of our customers) super-organised, efficient and productive!

Have a great day!

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