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You have completed your marketing strategy for your Lead Funnel Formula but how will you manage the process? Today’s tech can do much of the ’heavy lifting’ because much of it can be automated leaving you free to manage the process.

From a potential customer’s first interaction with your business, right up to the moment they buy, you should be in control of every step. A reliable funnel process can be improved, repeated, and scaled.

Now there are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for doing this.

Funnel management software are digital tools for building and monitoring your business’ funnel and pipeline. It’s probably one of the most useful and critical processes for your success. Without a strong, reliable funnel, businesses end up having to rely on guesswork. And that can translate into enormous and unnecessary risk.

Funnel management software offers easy-to-use tools for refining and watching your

buyers’ journey. You have real-time data about the success or failure of your marketing efforts. No guesswork needed.

Looking at the image of today’s post, you will see that the lead funnel is a series of steps starting at the top that narrows to the final stage at the bottom. You’ll find different versions of the funnel using different labels and vocabulary. But a typical lead/sales funnel will include steps with labels that look similar to this:

Awareness. A potential buyer finds your product. 

Interest. The potential buyer expresses interest by reaching out or otherwise providing some information about themselves.

Desire. The potential buyer decides that they want your product.

Action. The potential buyer purchases your product, becoming a customer.

Not every business’s sales funnel is going to look the same.

As you consider what kind of sales funnel software to invest in, think about which steps are most important to your unique sales funnel. That way, you can choose your software based on which features are most valuable to you.

There are different kinds of sales funnel software. Some are more focused on email marketing, while others are built exclusively for creating landing pages and webforms. Below is a list of the most common sales funnel software features. It includes some that every platform should have no matter what step of the funnel it focuses on.

Here are some that you can check out and explore depending on whether you run an online store or have a physical presence:

Finding the right funnel management tool for your business isn’t a stressful process. Just take some time to research the different tools out there and compare their features to the needs of your business. Talk to your teams about which automation tools they think would save them the most time and energy, all while still helping you deliver an excellent standard of care to your customers.

The best way to know if a platform is the right fit for your business is to use a tree trial. This way you can test drive their features and get a feel for their interface and purchase with greater confidence.

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