Learn to Embrace Change

Hello Chasers,

As I was gardening in the sun today, I got to thinking about the ways business and our lives have changed since I was a child.

Yes, I do a lot of thinking when outside, ideas pop up from nowhere, strategies unfold, and problems get solved.

But today was a bit of reflection.

I guess this was because of the research I have been doing with AI (artificial intelligence) and how it can be used in our day-to-day lives – both personal and business.

There was a new article too which appeared last Thursday 20th January that in typical media fashion talked up the negativity and doom & gloom that we would be experiencing as a result of AI.

Sure there would be some areas of industry impacted but that has always been the case whenever there is massive change – from the invention of the wheel, railway lines, the industrial revolution, computers, the internet and now AI.

The best way to confront change is to learn about the forces at work, educate yourself and adapt to using them.

What was feared becomes useful, the negative impacts portrayed in the media become positive and the unknown becomes well-known.

AI is not going away, it will become an ever-increasing part of the way we live just as other changes have.

We just need to embrace change and make it work for us.

Have a great day!

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