Making the Internet Work for your Business

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When you use the Internet for your business you don’t need to wait for the customers to come to you because a website is a 24-hour sales force to the whole world.

Making the Internet Work for Your Business offers clear and practical advice on how to use the Internet to develop your business how to promote your products or services how to find vital information and how to pursue new business opportunities.

The book includes the following features:

  • Introduces online basics and describes the equipment you will need to get your business online and build your own website.
  • Offers practical advice on how to expand your business online including your sites useability, how to market your website how to boost your Internet sales.
  • Provides case studies of how people are using the Internet inexpensively and simply to develop their businesses.
  • Includes a fast-finder directory of useful resources available to businesses on the Internet: company contacts and suppliers trainers and educators financial sites government and legal information human resources freebies on the Internet and other Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) related resources.

By using the Internet you can run your business more efficiently with lowered costs, fewer staff and less space requirements, and have more time to develop your business creatively. Explore the advantages to your business of e-commerce using your website as a merchant commerce system that can handle orders, payment and fulfilment via the site.