The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Money

The world probably doesn’t need another book. And while this object you hold in your hands might look like one, it’s so much more.

It’s an invitation.

What do you want most in your life?

Is it…..

  • to have enough money to buy the things you need the most?
  • to always have ‘spare’ cash sitting in your wallet?
  • to be debt free?
  • to be your own boss, owning your own small business?
  • to have greater self confidence?
  • to be a success?

In this book you will discover how to:

  • change your life with money
  • avoid the money pitfalls
  • become ‘bad’ debt free
  • achieve your goals
  • start your own small business
  • get your life in balance
  • create your own success story
  • negotiate successfully
  • turn personal potential into wealth creating opportunities

You’ll be able to find your answers fast by reading only the chapters that interest you most. Or, you can flip through each chapter and read the quick and easy Money Tips and Bottom Lines.

You can pick and choose the subjects that you want to read and be confident that your money questions are only a page away!