Look Into Our 2023 Crystal Ball

Hello Chasers,

A quick review of the last couple of years has shown us that we need to have a backup plan when things don’t work out the way we thought they would.

Global Pandemics, a rise in scams, a war in Europe and the ever-increasing threat of climate change have caused major economic disasters for the whole world.

As a consequence of the experiences, we have all had, our crystal ball tells us to be prepared for these five things in 2023:

  1. Have a Natural Disaster Plan

Our third year of La Niña is forecast to continue into 2023, potentially causing more flooding and damage to both homes and businesses. But will governments at all levels learn from their responses to recent natural disasters and design a more cohesive approach to providing support to impacted businesses. Businesses need certainty about what support they can access. Prepare for any future disasters by reviewing your operations, check your insurance coverage and seek advice.

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