Make Your Own Kind of Music!

Hello Chasers,

If you are as old as me you will know this song from Mama Cass Elliott of Mamas and the Pappas fame and probably have that tune in your head right now – sorry!

Today’s tech tool is for those who want to add music to their content without the hassle of breaching the various copyright laws.

Using AI (Yes, it is starting to infiltrate our lives everywhere so get used to it!), you can create your own piece of original, one-of-a-kind soundtrack for your video intros & outros or your podcast.

Simply choose the length, temp, mood, genre and theme of the track and sit back as this tool will blow your mind!

My first impression was a “wow” – in a matter of seconds, several pieces of music were created, which sound absolutely amazing as if professionally produced. Just one click and a file in WAV format is created, which can then be used for videos, presentations etc.

It is a royalty-free music library with an AI twist and allows you to customise music using AI.

Check it out here – Soundraw

Have a great day!

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