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Hello Chasers,

Today is the official Star Wars Day for lovers of this movie franchise.

I can remember seeing the first Star Wars movie in my teens and it seemed to be so far-fetched with the technology the actors were using – but some of it is actually starting to be used in small businesses.

Lots of the technologies seen in Star Wars, such as hyperdrives and lightsabers, are not currently available. However, there are a few technologies seen in the Star Wars universe that are like those available for small businesses today.

  • Droids: In the Star Wars universe, droids are commonplace and are used for a variety of tasks. Similarly, small businesses can use robots and automation to perform repetitive tasks, such as assembly line work or packaging.
  • holographic Communication: In Star Wars, holograms are used to communicate across long distances. Small businesses can use video conferencing and other communication technologies to connect with customers, partners, and remote employees.
  • 3D Printing: In Star Wars, characters use devices called “replicators” to create objects out of thin air. While this technology doesn’t exist yet, small businesses can use 3D printers to create prototypes and even small-scale production runs.
  • Augmented Reality: In Star Wars, characters use holographic displays to view information and interact with the world around them. Small businesses can use augmented reality technologies to enhance customer experiences, such as allowing customers to visualise products in their own environments before making a purchase.

While these technologies are not exactly the same as those seen in Star Wars, they can still help small businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experiences.

Just like ‘The Jetsons’ cartoon team, the imagination of the production team of Star Wars was so prophetic when we see tech tools of today.

May the 4th Be with You.

Have a great day!

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