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Hello Chasers,

If you have been following our blog posts, our theme for this quarter is creating Consistent Cashflow.

You have learnt that in order to create Consistent Cash flow, we have to increase our sales and this can be done by improving how good we are at turning leads into sales! The power of the lead magnet is so great that it can double or even triple your conversions.

A lead magnet is a powerful tool as part of your sales funnel. Whilst it not only gives customers a free gift and an incentive to do business with you, it also delivers you that ultimate piece of customer information – an email address, which for business owners who are marketing a lot, this is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!

This strategy is employed by businesses around the world, from children’s apps that offer a free trial to restaurants giving first-time diners a two for one voucher.

One lead magnet that we have been using now for two years with great results is our digital magazine built using a tech tool called Mobimag. It was also the very first digital business magazine in Southwest Victoria!

We are seeing that trend lines are pointing to mobile as the future of publishing.

With Mobimag publications look amazing on mobile, and for added benefit they look great on tablets and desktops too. As a result, readers consume significantly more content. That leads to increased readership and, if you’re a business, more sales and more profit.

As a lead magnet, it is so powerful:

  1. It’s made for mobile – if 90% of the planet is on mobile, that’s where you need to be;
  2. It works everywhere – users never have the wrong device;
  3. It doesn’t require an app – users only need to click a link!
  4. You can easily add videos – technology allows you to add videos to your pages for greater engagement
  5. You can build your list – embedded sign up forms to help you get more leads;
  6. You can make changes anytime – add, update & reorder pages after publishing

Did I mention it was so powerful?

Well, our digital magazine – Chasing the Dream Magazine – won the Marketing Program of the Year at the 2021 Australian Accounting Awards and was recognised by our peers as the best marketing tool for a lead magnet for our industry!

Mobimag is now gathering traction as a brilliant lead magnet and is now used across all industry types

If you would like to explore how you could use this tool in your Marketing Plan to create Consistent Cashflow then contact Chris on 55612643.

Have a great day!

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