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Hello Chasers,

If you have ever spent considerable time producing an awesome document but found that is not able to read on all mobile devices?

A common problem where the content looks simply amazing on your desktop but whilst viewable on mobile it looks awful!

Now if this is left without a fix, then the results you are hoping for will quickly disappear as your ideal target market will hate it, get frustrated trying to read and move on.

Mobile is the future of publishing…

… and this tool is designed for being accessed on mobile as well as your desktop!

Introducing Mobimag – the future of digital publishing for mobile.

As a result, readers consume significantly more content. That leads to increased readership and, if you’re a business, more sales and more profit.

Mobimag is the first digital mobile magazine tool and we simply love it and won a major national award at the 2021 Australian Accounting Awards last year in Sydney for Marketing Program of the Year with our magazine, Chasing the Dream – The Magazine.

Our magazine has been a great lead magnet attracting lots of new leads to our business.

Check out the 13th Edition of our quarterly magazine.

In this edition, we focus on the important theme of Productive People in building our business and what we need to know about using virtual assistants. We also feature ‘Benny’ Tolson from Call Benny Gardens and Pools who shares his story and the dream he is chasing for his family.

Increase you SEO, stand out from your competition and reach more potential customers with Mobimag.

Have a great day!

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