New Life, New Beginnings

Happy Easter Chasers,

For those of you who are Christians, Easter is the time to celebrate new life after the resurrection of Jesus and new beginnings.

On Thursday, our much-anticipated new family member arrived home. Angela went to Geelong to collect ‘Daisy’ and then went driving Miss Daisy home to Warrnambool.

The loss of our blue Burmese, Lulu , a couple of years ago was felt by everyone in the household, especially Delilah who grew up with her.

Also, with our three girls now experiencing much of their new lives away from home, our nest nearby some excitement and Ange had secretly organised our new addition about 18 months ago.

We have found that having pets brings joy, love, and comfort to our lives and they offer wonderful companionship. They offer unconditional love and acceptance and certainly reduce our stress levels after a busy day when we come home and they greet us.

The welcome addition of Daisy also means that our girls have come home for Easter too – bonus!

The whole tribe is back together for a little while at least!

New life and new beginnings, a fitting description of Easter.

Have a great day!

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