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New Quarterly Theme – Optimise Online

Hello Chasers,

Today is the 1st day of a new month and quarter and we start exploring ideas and strategies with a new quarterly theme that will help you stand out from your competition online.

We will be looking at Domain names and the new .au ones, why you need a great website, how to get more traffic to your site, blogs and why you need to write them, SEO tips on how to maximise your Google ranking, managing your Google My Business listing and the power of Testimonials.

But before you get a website you really need to be clear on your points of difference – what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry. Without spending some time doing this analysis you run the risk of creating a website that is like most of them for your industry – boring, same same and nothing more than a glorified business card!

Unique Core Differentiators (UCDs) give you a fighting chance

It’s the differences your potential customers perceive about your business that make them want to buy from you rather than somebody else.

A Unique Core Differentiator is a critical tool to help your potential customers clearly understand the added value your business can provide – the things that really set you apart from your competition.


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