On the 28th Day of Christmas …

Hello Chasers,

What a busy lead up to Christmas and now the New Year.

How are you coping?

Small businesses have a challenging road ahead of them, especially in this recovering economy. Small businesses that were already in operation when the recession began were hit hard and struggled to stay on their feet, if they did not go under entirely. 

Small business owners who have entered the market since that time, or who are thinking of entering it, have had more hardships in front of them than any other small business owners in history. 

Managing stress as a small business owner can be a monumental task, but it is so incredibly important to the business and to the individual in question.

The stress that can pile up onto small business owners can be overwhelming. New businesses are often not fully staffed when they are just breaking ground, so every operation task on every level fall on the owner. It is not uncommon for a new small business owner to work 70 hours a week or more. Often, families run small businesses together, which can become highly problematic if the business struggles or if the family relationships are unhealthy. 

Commonly, a small business owner will turn desperately to some form of escapism in order to cope with their stress, such as substance abuse, which deteriorates their life over time. Substance abuse problems in small business owners is more common than many people realise, and it is very important for a small business owner to manage their stress or seek help in doing so if they cannot on their own.

It is recommended that stressed out small business owners make sure they allow themselves some amount of time to unwind. 

Whether it is exercise, cooking, reading, or some other favourite hobby, immersion into a stress releasing activity is critical for the human mind. Many people coping with stress find exercise to be the best release as it relaxes the body as well as the mind. If a person finds they do not know how to make the time to unwind, or if they are turning to an unhealthy coping mechanism such as substance abuse, they should immediately seek professional help. 

Expert counsellors and rehabilitation professionals can guide a small business owner through healthy thought patterns and coping methods. Stress can deteriorate health quickly and should not be left unattended.

How do you release stress? 

Is it physical activity like running, going to the gym or gardening?

Whatever you choose to do make sure it is a healthy option for you, your family and your small business.

Have a great day!

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