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Hello Chasers,

As the hype around Christmas gathers momentum and begins to build, now is the time to create a holiday retail rush for your small business!

Children may dream of Santa and presents, but for small business retailers, there’s only one vision that matters during the run-up to the Christmas holidays; how often the cash register goes cha-ching!

And as the Christmas holiday season is make or break time for many small businesses, the overwhelming question is how to get more sales and make the sound of that cash register compete with the frequency of the Christmas carols that we all hear repetitively!

The obvious answer to “how to get more sales” is to get more customers.

Assuming you have a quality product or service, the more people who see or experience what you have to offer, the more sales you’ll make.

To do that, though, you have to get potential customers into your store. With a little effort and some ingenuity, that’s not as hard as you think. Use one or more of these ideas to create your own retail rush:

  1. Have a sale.

Hey! I can hear you slapping your forehead and muttering, “Well, duh!”

But before you dismiss this idea out-of-hand, consider this: pretty well every retailer of every size has some kind of Christmas season sale – because they work!


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