On the 3rd Day of Christmas …

Hello Chasers,

With the start of December now in full swing, many businesses will be planning or soon enjoying a social event with their Team …

… the office Christmas party – an event so fraught with social faux-pas it often becomes the most talked-about subject of the following year – and not always for good reasons.

While a Christmas party can be great fun, it can also be the catalyst for people arguing, losing their jobs or even – worst case scenario – ending up in jail. In fact, it’s now become so much of a talking point that lawyers now see this time of the year as a very lucrative part of their litigation business.

Not to worry here are some party safety tips for employers and employees to follow.

But what’s the issue?

Many workers see this as a chance to loosen their ties but fail to realise that the same work code of conduct applies to a party held on company time. But if you’re guilty of letting your hair down a little TOOmuch, you’re not alone.

A quick internet search reveals millions of Christmas work party horror stories. One Reddit thread was dedicated solely to the terror tales.

This user revealed an embarrassing nickname he picked up:

Well, once my boss challenged me to a shot contest at the start of the night. I blacked out shortly thereafter, but when I came in to work the next day, I had received the new nickname of “Steak Pants”. I never asked what I did to get this nickname, and I really don’t want to know.”

While things didn’t go quite so badly for this lucky party-goer…

Our CEO got drunk and announced that he would be taking the entire company on vacation to Cancun. Ten months later, he did. (yeah, I work for one of “those” start-ups.)”

And one woman made the ultimate faux-pas:

I saw a co-worker complain about a recent assignment, then say “Don’t tell Bruce I was complaining.” She was talking to her boss, Bruce. She then tripped over a chair and started laughing, drunkenly.”

So how can you avoid the embarrassment of shamefully walking into work the next day to a barrage of ‘jokes’ from your co-workers or, worse, facing a stern talking to from your boss?

Follow these tips…

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