On the 6th Day of Christmas …

Hello Chasers,

Gift giving at Christmas time is tricky enough for family and friends – let alone trying to organise something for your Team!

You might go straight to a financial “bonus” – but that can be messy when it starts to become expected (remember Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?), or perhaps you always leave it too late and fall back on a stock standard hamper with nuts and wine – only to get the cold shoulder because half of your Team have a nut allergy.

One small business has found a novel way to give everyone in their Team exactly the gift they want, and it’s turned into a fun and engaging activity that reveals something new every year.

For the past few years that small business has been giving their Team a set amount of cash and letting Team members choose the gift they want – a win-win for everyone! They book an afternoon in everyone’s calendars where they all head out and are given a handwritten thank you card with a personal message. Inside the card is a predetermined amount of cash (everyone receives the same amount regardless of position) and the Team is given a one-hour time limit to pick their own Christmas gift then and there.

They can venture through the shops in pairs or Teams, or some might prefer to head off solo, but either way at the end of the hour they gather back in a central location for a few drinks and share their Christmas gift for the year as a group.

Thrown into a rotation of gift ideas every few years this is a great idea that can definitely create some fun and excitement while revealing little-known facts about your Team.

The other way you can add a touch of personality to gifts of course is to find out specifically what your Team enjoy and value. Knowing things like their favourite sport or food isn’t just helpful at Christmas time, but for coordinating all manner of recognition activities.

You can use a Personalised Recognition Template that Team members complete during an induction or mentoring programs, to find out exactly what motivates your Team. Armed with that insight, you’ll never be met with a room full of silent and underwhelmed colleagues again!

No more boring Christmas Gifts for those who have helped you succeed and get through another ‘Corona’ impacted year in 2022!

What do you think about this idea?

Have a great day!

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