On the Twenty-Fourth Day of Christmas…

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Santa’s sack still has a couple of presents left and this one is an extraordinary book – Chapter One by Daniel Flynn (co-founder of Thankyou)

Thankyou was born in 2008 in response to the World Water Crisis. At that time, over 900 million people didn’t have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year.

Daniel Flynn pulled together a group of friends in Melbourne and together turned an idea to launch a line of bottled water that would fund water projects overseas into a reality. In July 2013 they rebranded as Thankyou, complete with two new ranges: food and body care and today, Thankyou has over 40 products available in 5,000 outlets in Australia (including 7 Eleven, Coles and Woolworths).

The idea was to take a more holistic approach to combating poverty, with 100% of their profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world. In the second half of 2016 they launched Thankyou baby, a nappy and baby care range that funds child and maternal health programs around the globe to empower families in need.

In 2016, they launched this book where 100% of the profits go to funding the future of Thankyou.

It is extraordinary in nearly all senses as not only does it challenge long standing business conventions and principles of how to do things on a massive scale but the hard copy was printed horizontal and is read like you would a post on a PC or iPad – never been done before!

Get your gift from us here: http://bit.ly/2hffoIN

We would also like to “Thankyou” for being part of our little community and look forward to bigger and better Covid free things in 2021.

Have a great day as there is now only one sleep to go!


Have a great day!

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