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Part of the success of a marketing strategy is to be able to ‘walk in the shoes’ of your ideal customer, understand their interests, hobbies, needs and being familiar in what they like to do and buy.

Building out an ideal customer avatar or persona helps you clearly identify these key attributes which become extremely vital for targeting your marketing efforts.

This is where AI can help you greatly and one such tool is ‘persona generator’.

Persona Generator is a free AI tool designed for solopreneurs to understand their target audience and effectively connect with them. It eliminates the need for conducting lengthy interviews by providing insights in just 10 seconds. 

Persona generator makes the process of assembling, designing, and sharing avatars much easier than designing them manually.

You can quickly generate a summary of their problems, pains, goals, and benefits and understand your ideal customer without running 50 interviews. 

Know exactly how to win their hearts and use this information for greater marketing success.

All you need to do is simply type in your business and your target audience/market segment and within less than a minute you get a clear summary of the following:

  • the ideal customer.
  • the problem they face.
  • the pains they experience.
  • the goal they want to achieve.
  • the benefits from achieving those goals.
  • the trigger that caused them to seek out a solution; and
  • the barrier that prevents them from taking action

If you then enter your email address below this section of the report, you then get 9 ideas to make your new Persona actionable:

  1. 3 user acquisition ideas.
  2. 3 conversion rate optimisation ideas; and
  3. 3 content marketing ideas.

How incredible.

And this is for FREE!

Check out Persona Generator.

Have a great day!

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