Hello Chasers,

Remember those long webinars you recorded or that blog post that was a couple of pages long from last year or so?

Well, with this cool tool you can produce several shorter clips, posts or video.

Pictory enables you to add text to videos using audio, edit captions and add transcriptions using automated suggestions. The application automatically creates highlights from webinars and other long videos and lets users schedule automatic posting on various social channels via your scheduling software.

Pictory AI is one of the best video-generating tools on the internet. However, it’s best suited for professional marketers, course creators, YouTube channel owners, and social media marketing agencies.

But that doesn’t mean experienced marketers can’t use it!

This AI tool has a FREE trial too, one where you don’t have to put in your credit card to get started.

Check out Pictory to see if it meets your needs.

Have a great day!

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