Planning with Sand, Pebbles & Rocks

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Productive people work to a plan with set times or dates by which they want those goals and tasks completed by.

By working this way, they can predict what’s coming up, when it is due and how long they have to complete it. And consequently, they achieve more and are more successful.

They map out everything over the next 12 months for their business and personal life and by implementing this style of thinking they avoid being double-booked and less stressed.

Let’s look at the 5 steps they use to achieve this:

  • Plan for your Personal Life

A mentor of mine said, ‘If you’re not taking care of yourself, then your business is going to suffer, and other people around you are going to suffer as well. So, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself.’

Make a list of the important dates in your personal life to balance growing your business with quality time with your family and friends.

  • Birthdays
  • Day off per week
  • 4 two-day breaks per year
  • Date nights with your special one
  • Time for hobbies, exercise, charitable works 
  • Personal care – massage, hair etc
  • Plan for your Business Life

Using the old-time management principle of the big rocks, pebbles, and sand, we use the analogy of a jar for your business time and fill that jar up with the time required to be allocated.

  • Big rocks – are those activities that grow your business. Those activities that create leads, convert to customers and generate more income. e.g., running workshops, organising events, or creating content.
  • Pebbles – those things that deliver the promise of your product or service. e.g., webinars, podcasts, Facebook live streams, and so much more.
  • Sand – all the other small tasks required to run your business. e.g., team meetings, responding to communication, cleaning

Once you’ve identified these, add them into your calendar.

  • Review with your Team

Discuss your growth (big rocks), delivery (pebbles) and support (sand) plans for your business. This step is critical so your team knows what you and the business aims to achieve next year so everyone can work together to make that happen.

  • Calendarise’ Everything

Using an online calendar app, put everything into it! By blocking those important dates, you’ll have a constant reminder of where you need to be and what you need to be doing.

  • Posterise it – at Work & Home

Once everything has been finalised, print copies of your calendar and give them to all the people that need it.

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