Productive People Don’t Do these Tasks!

Productive People Don’t Do these Tasks!

Hello Chasers,

In the business world where this is so much chaos created by lots of small tasks, productive people have developed a system to cope – they simply don’t do these things!

Instead, they have decided that their time is too valuable and they only work on the important stuff that actually generates money.

They review any task that they need to get done with the following filter:

Is my hourly rate worth my time to do this?

For example, if you charge $80 an hour is the task of sending out invoices that could be done by a person with a charge-out rate of $8 an hour worth your time doing this?

Of course, the answer is a big emphatic NO!

There are hundreds of these small tasks to do in any business and this is the real reason why most business owners are exhausted at the end of the day leaving them with little time to develop their business further or spend with their family.

Productive people hire Virtual Assistants to do them instead!

If you want to be productive every day, here are 10 tasks that you should NOT be doing, and delegate to a Virtual Assistant to do instead.


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