Selling – an Artform

Hello Chasers,

Every entrepreneur (every business owner that is) must be able to sell.

Yes, we all have to be skilled at selling and have our team do the same in order to grow and become more successful.

What, I can’t sell?

I hate selling, I’m not a salesperson!

You might be saying to yourself, but the fact of the matter is that if you run a business then you are selling something – products/services – and have to learn how to do this masterfully if you are not stay in business.

Sales, after all, is helping people make a decision that is ultimately going to better their lives and benefit themselves!

And the psychology surrounding sales involves how you feel about your product/service, how you feel about your Team and more importantly, how confident you are in yourself in explaining the value of your offering.

There are 10 important rules regarding the sales process to master for success:

  1. Know Your Customer: Before you even approach a client, understand your product or service inside and out. But it’s not a monologue – understand your customer’s needs too.
  2. Listen: Sharpen your listening skills. Your job is to unearth your client’s true needs and challenges, not just pitch your product.
  3. Build Trust: Nobody likes a pushy salesperson. Focus on building trust with honesty and transparency.
  4. Be Passionate: Believe in what you’re selling. Your enthusiasm is contagious and will ignite interest in your product or service.
  5. Objections are Opportunities: Don’t be afraid of objections – they’re a chance to demonstrate the value of what you’re offering.
  6. Show Patience: The sales cycle takes time. Respect your client’s decision-making process and avoid being pushy.
  7. Follow Up with Persistency: Stay in touch with your leads, but don’t harass them. Provide valuable content and nurture the relationship.
  8. The Customer is Always (Almost Always) Right: Customer service is paramount. Go the extra mile to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  9. Knowledge is Power: Stay up to date on industry trends and competitor offerings. The more you know, the more persuasive you’ll be.
  10. Never Stop Learning: Sales is an ongoing journey of learning and improvement. Embrace feedback, analyse your wins and losses, and constantly hone your craft.

As my business mentor says, if you don’t have a system for selling you will be at the mercy of your customers system for buying!

Have a great day!

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