SEO Optimisation Tool

SEO Optimisation Tool

Hello Chasers,

How do you know if your social media and website links are working?

How do you know if you have pages that have been optimised to give you the best possible results for attracting leads?

There are software tools that allow you to assess your website, and provide an output of links, metadata, word counts, and headers all dead simple to understand—and even more so that the ‘heavy lifting’ is all done for you.

One such tool is Semrush which simply helps you optimise your website for search engines.

Semrush works by giving you a lot of information that you can use to:

  • find out what people are searching for on Google
  • create new web content that is likely to attract traffic
  • identify link-building opportunities
  • tweak technical aspects of your site so that it achieves higher search rankings.

Using its keyword suggestion function as a guide for writing blog posts that are likely to be well received and perform well is another great feature. It can also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for specific search queries.

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