SEO – What Is It?

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SEO – What Is It

Hello Chasers,

With our theme for this quarter being ‘Optimise Online’, we need to understand what that actually means.

When it comes to our social media accounts and website to optimise online means to make the most effective use of them so that when someone is browsing and locates us via a ‘keyword’ search they will be drawn to check us out in more detail.

Now a search engine is just a fancy term used by marketers to name your web browser like Google, Explorer, Bing, Mozilla Firefox etc.

The term search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic from search engines to a website or social media accounts. SEO targets organic, not paid, traffic.

Organic results surpass paid ads in coverage and are believed to be more credible by savvy searchers and receive more clicks. Among all US search results, only 2.8% of people clicked on paid advertisements.

SEO offers 20 times more traffic opportunities than Pay-Per-Click.


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