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Hello Chasers,

It’s the start of a new month and quarter and time to revisit your 90-Day Action Plan.

For those of you new to this concept, a 90-day action plan for a small business should focus on achieving specific goals within a relatively short timeframe. This process allows you to gain some momentum in improving your business by completing a set of tasks in a short period of time whilst moving you closer to achieving your goals.

If you are experiencing:

  • a lack of clarity in your business where Team members don’t know what is expected of them,
  • reduced productivity where time and resources are getting wasted,
  • opportunities for more sales and profits are being missed because of a lack of preparation,
  • you are constantly being reactive to repetitive problems,
  • your business is not growing or improving over time and
  • you have difficulty holding yourself and your Team accountable for getting stuff done

then a 90-day Action Plan is a good place to start to address these issues.

To help you get started, some of the steps you could take to create an effective 90-day action plan are as follows:

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