Shouting Out the She-roes in My Life!

Hello Chasers,

Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women out there! Today feels like the perfect opportunity to celebrate the amazing females who inspire and support me every single day.

At Work: I’m surrounded by brilliant women (nationally & internationally) who are constantly pushing me to challenge the boundaries of what can be achieved and redefining what it means to be successful. Their work ethic and dedication are contagious, and I feel so lucky to learn with them and collaborate on awesome projects that help others achieve the dreams they are chasing.

At Home: My home wouldn’t be the same without the strong women who keep things running smoothly (and maybe a little bit chaotic, but that’s the good kind!). Their love, resilience, and humour make every day brighter – I love you all so much!

Socially: My social circle is overflowing with phenomenal women – my singing group and gym buddies. They’re the ones who pick me up when I’m not feeling it, celebrate my victories with endless enthusiasm, and challenge me to be a better person – even if it’s just a few more reps!

To all the amazing women in my life: Thank you for being you. You inspire me, motivate me, and make the world a more vibrant place. Here’s to you!

Have a great day, girls!

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