Smooth Operations = Better Profits

Hello Chasers,

Pumping up that bottom line demands looking at your entire business structure from vision to strategy to marketing to billing to operations. 

How you operate affects your customer relationships, your ability to achieve your goals and your profit margin.

All of these areas must integrate and work together to have a business that truly runs smoothly and independent of any one person. Use the following strategic steps to ensure the optimal performance of your systems and processes:

  1. Establish a schedule for reviewing your systems and processes (preferably with someone not familiar with them so that any ‘bugs’ can be identified and corrected))
  2. Do not simply implement systems that worked for another business (create your own using your industry best practice & personalise it to your business).
  3. Make sure your systems do not rely on one person to make them work. (They need to operate if someone is away, busy or not in the right headspace to deal with it
  4. Involve team members (they are on the frontlines and control the activity so trust their judgement and invaluable insights. An added bonus is that they are more readily accepting of any changes if they are involved in the decision making!))
  5. Document all processes and systems (clarifies any discrepancies, smooths out the ‘kinks’ in the system due to uninformed Team members, and more importantly, becomes a valuable asset for any prospective purchaser)
  6. Make them accessible to anyone authorised to use them from anywhere e.g., use passwords to protect sensitive information from unauthorised Team members and use cloud storage that is automatically backed up and protected.

A business that is systemised and running smoothly will be able to scale more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Reach out to us if you would like to know more about how to structure your systems and processes in your business. Contact Shannae Hewett on 03-55612643.

Have a great day!

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