Spring Is in The Air

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Spring Is in The Air

Hello Chasers,

Yesterday we got a small taste of the next season and probably one I look forward to the most as Mother Nature puts on her best displays.

The wattles are starting to bloom which is always a good sign that Spring is not too far away.

I was weeding and spreading mulch in the garden yesterday and could not help myself as I was drawn to watching the bees get to work. They only have a small window of opportunity at this time of the year to venture out from the warmth and safety of their hive in search of some early stores to top up their supplies. As soon as the weather warms up and until everything starts to bloom in abundance again this is their daily focus.

I was a bit reluctant to pull out the huge Oxalis or shamrock plants that have shot up everywhere this Winter, but we have so much of it that the bees who are visiting our property will be able to collect from them, just not in the area I was weeding and mulching.

Like in business, your success comes from the foundational work and preparation that you do at the start. If you do this well then so will your results.

Have a great day!

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