Start With a Vision!

Hello Chasers,

As business owners, it’s important for us to manage our time effectively if we want our businesses to grow.

Time is valuable because once it’s used up, we can’t get it back.

To scale and expand our businesses, we need to find ways to make the most of our time.

The key to growing a business is to multiply the productive hours of the owner.

If you try to do everything by yourself, there’s a limit to how much your business can grow. Think of it like climbing a mountain. If you can climb a mountain alone, it’s probably not a very big one. But if you want to conquer Mount Everest, you need a team to support you with things like equipment, planning, and medical assistance. Even with a team, it’s still a challenging task.

Similarly, you can run a small business on your own, but if you want to build something great, you’ll need a team. By having a team, you can make the most of your time. For example, if you have three staff members working with you, your combined working hours would be multiplied. So instead of just 8 hours per day, you would have 32 hours of work accomplished each day.

Before you start building a team, it’s crucial to have a clear vision of where you want your business to go. You need to be able to communicate your vision to your team members so that they know what direction to move in.

A vision describes the long-term goals and aspirations of your company. It’s like a guide that helps everyone understand where they are heading. For instance, Microsoft’s early vision was to have a computer on every desk and in every home.

A vision is supported by a vision statement, which is a document stating the current and future objectives of your business. A good vision statement explains the “why” behind your company’s activities and serves as a common goal for your employees.

It should be inspiring, align with your business’s values and goals, and capture the essence of your company.

Writing a vision statement can be challenging as it requires defining your company, values, and future goals.

While many businesses focus on their mission statement, a vision statement is essential for inspiring your team and establishing your company’s identity. It’s important because it outlines a common goal for everyone in the business, making your company more attractive to current and future employees.

A well-crafted vision statement can greatly impact your company’s long-term success. Take the time to create a vision statement that encapsulates your ambitions and motivates your team to work together towards a shared vision.

If you would like some help in doing this for your business, we have some resources and advice on how to develop it.

Have a great day!

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