Success is more than luck!

Hello Chasers,

I overheard a conversation about how some people are just plain lucky when it comes to their success.

I thought about this and my immediate response was that luck always tends to favour those who are prepared for the opportunity.

What’s the deal with luck?

It’s this elusive thing everyone talks about.

It’s about putting in the effort, like a good singing performance.

Some people stumble upon opportunities, but they’re prepared. They hone their skills, so when the big break comes, they’re ready. It’s like rehearsing your lines before hitting the stage.

Luck can’t beat a hard worker’s persistence. Life throws curveballs, but those who don’t give up turn boos into applause. It’s like refining a bombed joke and making it your best bit. 

Sometimes, you got to make your own luck. Put yourself in the right place, mingle with the right people, and seize opportunities.

Luck may be a mysterious creature, but hard work is the secret sauce. Be prepared, persistent, and create your own moments.

It takes effort and timing.

So, make your own luck.

Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get!

Have a great day!

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