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If you have ever been given a long-winded article on a webpage, email or even an eBook to read but you just wanted to get the gist of it or just a summary well there is now an AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution to it with today’s tech tool – summarize.me.

Summarize.me is a Chrome extension that can be used to summarise the content of a document. It uses natural language processing algorithms to automatically extract the main points from a page and display them in a condensed format. This can be useful for quickly getting an overview of a long article or for identifying the key takeaways from a webpage without having to read through the entire content.

How good is that?

You could use it to condense an article down for teaching, producing content and videos.

This tech tool allows users to summarise the content by extracting the main points and creating a condensed version of the text. The extension presents to the user text in a simplified format. It can be useful for quickly getting an overview of an article or webpage, or for summarising long documents for easier reading.

We have been using this one since we found out about it in November last year as it has many applications.

Try it out yourself – and it’s FREE too!

Check it out here: https://summarizeme.vercel.app

Have a great day!

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