Systems, Systems, Systems – Grease the Wheels of Your Operations

Hello Chasers,

All businesses have systems.

Systems drive businesses.

Some businesses have engines that can go from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds. Some businesses have faulty brakes.

And some businesses…well they have a good engine with the potential to operate well beyond the average lifespan of a small business – they just need the right systems.

Creating and maintaining the systems that will grow and distinguish your business requires consistent attention to all parts, big and small, that make up the machine. With the help of a business development coach, these critical check-ups can be easy.

Every system (formal or informal) consists of a series of processes. Your systems and processes are the critical components to smooth operations. Each process consists of one or more activities that will involve one or more of the following inputs:

  • Labour
  • Equipment/machines
  • Materials (including energy)
  • Facility space
  • Vendors

All of your inputs must integrate and work together to have a business that truly runs smoothly and independent of any one person.

You want to be able to turn the key of your Ferrari-like business, feel and hear it roar to life whenever you step into it and see all the key performance indicators light up on the dashboard so you can quickly see it can continue to perform at its optimal best.

Now, just as a Ferrari spark plug means nothing to a truck driver, your systems have to create an experience for the customer that is valued and sought. They also have to be easily implemented by, and communicated to, team members. Finally, the systems have to integrate. You cannot have unsurpassable customer service and be out of stock, for example.

The Ferrari of business engines operates like this:

  • Managers drive the company’s vision and look at what will best serve customer needs, and how to get there.
  • Team members crank and tune up customer-sensitive systems that fuel daily operations.
  • Customers consume products and services at a rate that grows your business.

Speak with us by contacting Shannae Hewett on 55612643 and we can arrange a regular service audit to see which systems are working for you, and which could use some tuning up.

Have a great day!

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