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Take Control of Your Calendar

Hello Chasers,

Getting control of your calendar for appointments or unannounced drop-ins is a critical way of staying productive.

If you are in the middle of a job and ‘in the groove’ of the workflow any interruption will break your focus and connection to the job at hand.

To stay productive and on track to complete that task you need to control any interruptions.

What works for us at Ceebeks is to block out the time when we can take appointments and the time when we need to get work done. Our calendars are then synchronised so that any appointments made are then slotted into the times and days available. This simple strategy allows us to control our workflow, be super productive and still attend to our customers’ needs as and when required.

Having said that though, there are situations that call for immediate action when a customer urgently requires our attention and that is always accommodated.

If you don’t control your calendar or the unannounced drop in for 5-minutes, then you will be forever teaching your customers bad habits that will be hard to break.

Have a great day!

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