The 14th Edition is Out!

Hello Chasers,

The second edition for the 2024 Financial Year, the 14th edition of our quarterly publication that was first released in 2020.  

For those of you new to Ceebeks Business Solutions or to our Chasing the Dream business community, ‘Chasing the Dream! – The Magazine’ was released as a celebration of our 30th Anniversary of chasing our dreams and helping business owners achieve theirs in which we promote ideas, share what we’re up to, and highlight and focus on successful ‘Chasers’ who have been part of our journey together.

Mobimag is the first digital mobile magazine tool and we simply love it and won a major national award at the 2021 Australian Accounting Awards last year in Sydney for Marketing Program of the Year with our magazine, Chasing the Dream – The Magazine.

Our magazine has been a great lead magnet attracting lots of new leads to our business.

Check out the 14th Edition of our quarterly magazine.

In this edition, we focus on the important theme of Optimising Online and maximising your Website and Social Media presence.  We also feature Sarah Irving & Joshua Suringa from Funakoshi Karate Warrnambool who share their story and the dreams they are chasing for their families.

This edition our resident expert is Debbie O’Connor from White River Design who is the ‘Queen of Branding’. Debbie has written an amazing book called Brand Magic that outlines and steps you through the process of building a brand with personality and has a diagnostic tool that helps you identify what your brand archetype actually is. In her article, Debbie explores what a branding actually is. It’s not just about designing you a logo, website or business card. It’s about looking at the big picture; how you want to achieve that and creating a clear strategy for you to get there. 

You too can increase you SEO, stand out from your competition and reach more potential customers with Mobimag, contact Shannae Hewett on 0355612643 to ask us how.

Have a great day!

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