The 90-Day Action Plan

Hello Chasers,

One of the best planning tools that I have ever learned about is a strategy of breaking down the
goals for the year into quarterly segments in the form of a 90-day Action Plan.

A 90-day plan is a framework for planning out how to get stuff done!

It is a snapshot of the goals, projects and tasks that are part of your overall business plan for the next
upcoming 90 days. Your 90-day plan gets done every 90 days, and it’s a step-by-step plan.

The whole idea of a 90-day Action Plan is to say, ‘What do I have to do today that’s going to help me
move closer to achieving my long-term goal? How many sales do I need? What systems do I need to
create? How many people do I need to hire? Who do I need to train?’ Etc, etc, etc. That’s my 90-day

Now a good tip is not to put too much into your 90-day Action Plan. Because what happens is you
will quickly become overwhelmed and stuck by the size of the list of things you have included. And
once you do, you’ll just crash and won’t continue on the plan.

The 90-day Action Plan is never going to be an exact science anyway. It is a guide and at the very
least a rough idea of what will move your business forward. You want to try to stick to a fairly
consistent pattern of what is achievable and what you can realistically get done in that time frame. If
you start putting too many things in your plan, try to get to the top too fast, and you’ll struggle.
You’ll fall over. It’s simple. You’ll run out of energy; you might run out of cash too! You’ve probably
heard of businesses going out of business because they grew too fast. These things can happen
pretty easily if you’re not ready for them. So don’t load too much up in your plans.

Get a business coach or someone to hold you accountable to achieving the things on your 90-day
Action Plan. I have a mentor without them checking in regularly, a lot of things, especially the big
hairy audacious scary things, wouldn’t get done. There’s an accountability to put the things you want to achieve out there to the public to a mentor or coach but make it someone who is completely independent and a paid engagement. As soon as you’re parting with your hard-earned dollars to get an accountability call or a coaching session with a coach, you’re more likely to respect that relationship.

So, get yourself a coach, give them the copy of your 90-day Action Plan, and give them permission to
kick your butt if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do. Because the only way you’re going to
succeed and get everything implemented is getting out of your comfort zone.

Once you get in the rhythm of doing this every 90 days, you can then start introducing
the 90-day Action Plan to you Team and get them to develop their own based on the
things you want to achieve in your 90-day Action Plan.
If you would like a copy of our 90-day Action Plan template or want to know more about our
business coaching services please contact Shannae Hewett on 55612643.

Have a great day!

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