The Bee Room Update

Hello Chasers,

The Christmas holidays have been spent bringing ‘The Bee Room’ to life – my foray into the world of an apiarist!

Repurposing an old outdoor table top, finally finding a place for the old wooden columns being dumped on eBay, an extra early trip to Aldi to secure the water tanks on their special buys a couple of Saturdays ago, fashioning a water source from an old metal planter and terracotta water tray, relocating rocks from a garden bed being redesigned, planting some bee-loving plants given by friends and some mulching.

The remaining jobs are:

  1. installing some guttering and a downpipe to collect rainwater for the tanks, and
  2. installing some shade cloth to keep the bees and me cool.
  3. collecting my Nuc.

This has been a labour of love – planning, designing and building – whilst being mentored by Dr Anna Carrucan with fellow Hive Buddy members over the past 12 months.

Given the late start to the bee-keeping season, I’m hopeful that the next two weeks will be the timeframe that I officially become a beekeeper.

Stay tuned as more updates will follow as soon as they arrive.

Have a great day!

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