Hello Chasers,

Before the change in the weather yesterday afternoon, I frantically mowed all the lawns and did some weeding before settling into the next phase of my bee-keeping adventure.

In the designated area for my bees, dubbed ‘the Bee Room’, I have marked out the spot where a little skillion shed will be constructed to house all the bee-keeping gear – smoker, tools, protective suit etc.

I then set out to partially construct a flat pack shed – all four walls, including the door frame & door & roof, only partially because I need to build a slab on which to place and secure it as it is still too windy, and the weather is too unpredictable to assemble it without anchoring.

The runoff of rain from the shed will allow me to set up a small tank to provide a water supply for the bees too!

Next weekend I will hopefully build the slab and possibly collect my Nuc hive if the weather permits.

What leisure projects are you doing after hours, on weekends etc. to distract you from the busyness of work?

Have a great day!

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