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Hello Chasers,

We have been busy planning to bring an incredible opportunity to you in 2023 – The Chasers Mastermind.

What’s a mastermind’, I hear you say?

Well, a Mastermind group helps like-minded business owners get peer support, brainstorm ideas, and create accountability for implementing ideas and strategies that the group come up with to help your business succeed. They are typically goal-oriented and success-driven.

Typically, these groups are 4 to 8 people, who should understand your business but do not necessarily have to BE in your industry. The goal of a mastermind group is to meet regularly (usually once a week) to offer professional brainstorming and encouragement.

The Chasers Mastermind will be offered to our Chasers Tribe first before we open it to the public. It will be capped at 6 business owners only so that the size of the group is more intimate and allows a great opportunity to share, be open and honest and encourage idea generation for each business owner to implement.

The advantages of the Chasers Mastermind will be:

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