Hello Chasers,

Productive Teams and super successful businesses check in regularly with each other to keep on top of issues and keep progress moving towards achieving those 90-day Action Plan goals we mentioned in last Saturday’s blog post.

Do you look forward to meetings, or are they usually a waste of time?

Meetings in which only one or two people did the talking, while the rest had nothing to add? Or meetings in which only one topic was discussed in detail – but without any next steps or resolutions as output?

It’s time to stop wasting time and start using your resources effectively.

The daily huddle is one strategy that we have used with tremendous success.

The daily huddle (or the daily stand-up or the daily scrum – whatever terminology you prefer) is a short meeting meant to occur every day so that the entire team can get informed and aligned on the work that needs to be done. 

This meeting should be short – 15 minutes is the optimal length – to avoid wasting unnecessary time and ensuring that only the most important issues are brought up. It may sound like 15-minutes is too short to make any progress on, but what makes the daily huddle such a critical meeting rhythm is the time saved from this brief check-up.

The daily huddle tracks progress and brings out sticking points that are blocking your execution. This will help you avoid minor train wrecks and quickly take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. The daily huddle can save everyone an hour or so of needless email updates and ad hoc interruptions. 

Finally, issues that emerge from daily huddles drive the main topics for the weekly meeting.

We host our daily huddle twice a day:

  • 10:00am to see what tasks the Team have set themselves to achieve for the day and to prioritise any jobs ahead of those tasks; and
  • 4:00pm to check in on how we went in completing those tasks for the day ad to set up the following days tasks.

It is the way we manage to be super productive, meet our compliance deadlines and achieve our 33 year record of lodging 100% of tax returns on time!

Today, tens of thousands of companies around the world have discovered the freedom and power that comes from implementing this simple routine. It tracks progress, brings out sticking points that are blocking your execution, and can save everyone an hour or so of needless email updates and ad hoc interruptions. 

The daily huddle is for everyday issues and updates that pop up. You go in, share, and you’re out — this way everyone is informed on what’s happening. You don’t want to go into a weekly meeting trying to address issues that have accumulated over the week.

Reach out to Shannae Hewett on 55612643 if you would like to structure and set up one for your Team to implement in your business.

Have a great day!

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